Battery Operated Lights for Wine Bottles

3 Ways to Use Wholesale Fairy Lights

Are you wondering how you can use wholesale fairy lights? Embrace your creative side with fun projects you can do without leaving the house. Below is our list of three ways you can use fairy lights throughout your home.

Wine Bottles- Finding battery operated lights for wine bottles can be challenging, but our fairy lights can fit right in the bottle instantly transforming into a work of art. Depending on the color of the wine bottle, you might choose the blue LED lights to ensure the light shines through a darker wine bottle.

Desk/Vanity- Drape the fairy lights around the mirror on a vanity or hang them above your computer. If you want a brighter light for your vanity, you can order the lights in white. The warm white color might not allow you to see as well.

Mantel- You can intertwine a string of lights with decorative items on your mantel such as flower arrangements.  These lights can create the perfect atmosphere for relaxing after a long day. The warm white color is ideal for decorating because it creates a calming effect.

These lights are powered by two AAA batteries and are available in white, warm white, and blue LEDs. To learn more about wholesale fairy lights, visit our website at for additional information about ordering.

Wholesale Fairy Lights

3 Ways to Use a Curtain of Lights

Brighten up the night with a curtain of lights! Whether you are sitting in your backyard or celebrating at your reception, our curtain of lights can be used in multiple settings. Keep reading to discover more ways to use our wholesale fairy lights.

Backyard Oasis- There are a couple of ways you can use a curtain of lights to design your own oasis. One way is to create a focal point by draping the lights along the fence. If you have a pergola, you can hang this curtain of lights on the top or on one of the sides.

Wedding- At the reception, the bride and groom have a special table. Hang the curtain of lights behind this table and all eyes will be on the couple the entire night.

Birthday Bash- You can’t have a party without a photo wall or prop section. Most people decorate the background with tinsel, but you can take it to the next level with a curtain of lights. Kick off your birthday party with the perfect photo opportunity.

Regardless of the occasion, if you are looking for wholesale fairy lights, you will love our curtain of lights. Start shopping our other wholesale event décor by visiting our website at right now.

70’s Bash Decor

From iconic hairdos to disco balls, the 70’s left their mark on our hearts. So many party planners are asked to plan or incorporate the 70’s into a party because let’s face it everyone loves to boogie! We created a list of the three must-have items you need to throw the grooviest 70’s bash.





Mirror Ball String Lights– A 70’s party would not be complete without a disco ball. At Fortune Products, we believe the more the merrier, so why not have a whole string of mini disco balls? Each string has 12 mirror balls that are 2 inches in diameter.





Acrylic Risers– Take the food table to the next level with our acrylic risers. You can display desserts, centerpieces, flowers, and more in a stylish way. The vibrant colors are sure to bring the 70s back to present day.





Lighted Drinking Straw– Throughout the night, the guests can enjoy sipping their beverage through a light-up straw. There is not a better way to light up the night than with a flashing straw. Plus the guests can take them home as a party favor to remember the fabulous party.

Get ready to boogie all night with our far out party décor. When you are looking for groovy 70’s wholesale event décor, you can always count on Fortune Products. If you are looking for something in particular for a party, give us a call at (800) 345-4833 right now.

floating pool orbs

Planning the Perfect Outdoor Party Lighting

It’s summer, and that means it’s time for outdoor parties. One of the most important things when it comes to planning the décor is how easily the party transitions into night. If you’ve got the perfect lighting planned, you won’t have to put a stop to the fun when the sun goes down. One of the best types of lighting to utilize at an outdoor party are battery operated LEDs. There’s no need to go around lighting tiki torches, and they don’t require an electrical outlet to work. Here are a few types of lighting that can be used on their own or in combination with other lights to create the perfect outdoor party.

Imitation Flames

There’s something about torches at an outdoor party that set the mood just right. You can create the same atmosphere while avoiding the fire hazard with LED flame lights. With several different configurations to choose from, you can easily deck the whole venue out with beautiful imitation flames.

Light Up Furniture

For a chic and trendy outdoor party, light up cocktail tables, benches, and chairs can add the perfect night club-esque atmosphere to your outdoor party.


If you have a pool at your disposal, you have the perfect opportunity to create a beautiful lighting arrangement. Floating pool orbs in a variety of colors can add a fun atmosphere to any outdoor party.

For all your outdoor event lighting and décor, call Fortune Products. View our catalog today at

light my bottle – battery operated lights for wine bottles

Creative Wedding Centerpieces for the Summer

As a wedding planner, the summer season can be extremely hectic. Working with couples to design the perfect wedding décor, arranging everything with suppliers and the venue – it can get overwhelming. When it comes to wedding décor, finding the right centerpieces is everything. You want something elegant that captures the mood of the ceremony and the personality of the couple. Here are a few unique centerpieces that are great for both indoor and outdoor wedding receptions.

Bouquet Lights

Bouquet lights are a simple addition to a traditional bouquet that can instantly create a more dramatic look to any floral centerpiece. Once you insert the bouquet lights, you can easily arrange each individual fairy light to achieve your desire effect. You can even cut the stem to the specific length you need. Bouquet lights are battery operated, reusable, and can be submersed with the exception of the battery pack.

LED Acrylic Risers

LED acrylic risers are a great way to present your floral centerpieces. Choose from a variety of colors to match the design scheme of the reception. These risers can also be used to display food and additional flower displays throughout the venue. With various heights available, you can create a truly stunning arrangement.

Light My Bottle®

If your couple wants to stray from traditional floral centerpieces, Light My Bottle® – battery operated lights for wine bottles – provide a unique alternative. Choose from different colors and arrange the bottles in your desired design to create a fun, yet elegant atmosphere at the reception.

Fortune Products is your source for wholesale battery operated lighting and event décor. Visit to view our extensive range of products.

Wholesale Event Decor

3 Times You Can Use a Light-Up Martini Glass

Whether you are planning an upcoming party for yourself, friend, or client, you will definitely want to include our Crystalight Martini Glass for your celebration. Get ready to light up the night in honor of these three celebratory events.

Bachelorette Party- Your friend or client will enjoy raising their glass for a toast even more when it is a pretty color. The glasses can be set to red, green, blue, and white which will make it easy to tell whose drink is whose. If you want, the glasses can be set to slowly rotate between the colors.

New Year’s Celebration- You will want to ring in the New Year with a Crystalight martini glass. The bright colors will make watching the ball fall even better. The glasses are even dishwasher safe because they are real glass.

Birthday- A birthday celebration focuses all the attention on the birthday boy or girl. When they are the center of attention, they should have a glass that will turn heads too.

No matter what party you are planning, you can always depend on us for all your wholesale event décor needs. Our goal is to help make your party one to remember. Contact us today if you have any questions regarding a certain product.

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Have a Whimsical Outdoor Wedding Reception with Fairy Berries

When planning a wedding, you want to create the most unique and wonderful experience for your clients – and that means selecting décor that really wows. For an outdoor wedding reception, that means selecting the right lighting. For outdoor wedding receptions, the atmosphere is more difficult to control, but not impossible.

For a Whimsical Feel . . .

You can add a touch of whimsy to your outdoor reception with Fairy Berries®. Fairy Berries are small clear balls fitted with a tiny LED that blink slowly, created a unique firefly effect. These lights can be placed in trees, gardens, shrubs, and will even float in a water feature.

Fairy Berries are designed with a small recessed hole so that fishing line can be used to hang or anchor them in your desired location. You can also purchase them on strings if you so desire.

Like a Fairy Tale . . .

When you decorate the venue of your outdoor wedding reception with Fairy Berries, you’ll make guests feel like they are living in a fairy tale. For a truly romantic and whimsical reception, decorate your venue with our wholesale fairy lights.

Contact us today at 1-800-345-4833 for more information about our wholesale lighting décor.

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