Creative Wedding Centerpieces for the Summer

light my bottle – battery operated lights for wine bottlesAs a wedding planner, the summer season can be extremely hectic. Working with couples to design the perfect wedding décor, arranging everything with suppliers and the venue – it can get overwhelming. When it comes to wedding décor, finding the right centerpieces is everything. You want something elegant that captures the mood of the ceremony and the personality of the couple. Here are a few unique centerpieces that are great for both indoor and outdoor wedding receptions.

Bouquet Lights

Bouquet lights are a simple addition to a traditional bouquet that can instantly create a more dramatic look to any floral centerpiece. Once you insert the bouquet lights, you can easily arrange each individual fairy light to achieve your desire effect. You can even cut the stem to the specific length you need. Bouquet lights are battery operated, reusable, and can be submersed with the exception of the battery pack.

LED Acrylic Risers

LED acrylic risers are a great way to present your floral centerpieces. Choose from a variety of colors to match the design scheme of the reception. These risers can also be used to display food and additional flower displays throughout the venue. With various heights available, you can create a truly stunning arrangement.

Light My Bottle®

If your couple wants to stray from traditional floral centerpieces, Light My Bottle® – battery operated lights for wine bottles – provide a unique alternative. Choose from different colors and arrange the bottles in your desired design to create a fun, yet elegant atmosphere at the reception.

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