Got Pics? Get Perks!

At Fortune Products, we love to see our creative customers and how they use our wholesale event décor items. We encourage our customers to send in high-resolution pictures of your unique creations showcasing the use of one of our items. We will send you a gift certificate for any photo that is approved by FPI for the FPI catalog, flyer, or website. Your company’s name is added as a watermark giving you notoriety. We cannot wait to see your images of floating pool orbs and fiber optic table centerpieces. If we choose your photo to be on the catalog cover, you will receive another gift certificate. These gift certificates can be used to purchase more products from us. To ensure we can use the photos, you must submit an Authorization form along with the images and you can find the form below. Contact us today if you have any questions or need assistance.

Download the Authorization For Use form:

Please email your photos to:

Some previous submissions: