LED Candles from Our Wholesale Event Décor Company

Instant lighting equals instant gratification. Our battery-operated LED candles put the “can” in candle. They work in any kind of event and create a unique ambiance that is as safe as it is warm and inviting. We have been supplying unique lighting to many satisfied event planners and party store retailers for more than 30 years.

As a year-round wholesale event décor company, we suggest stocking your stores with luminaries and votive lights several months before the holidays. Those are the busiest times of the year for most events. In addition to adding a welcoming greeting to any room or space in which they are placed, these lights are exceptionally useful for outdoor events such as weddings and celebrations.

The staff at most event planning organizations is so busy with a long checklist that they welcome the ease of use with our battery-operated centerpiece lights. Partner with Fortune Products Inc. and you are sure to build long-term relationships with your clientele.