New Cocktail Table Lights from Our Wholesale Event Décor Company

The Maxcolor cocktail table light is our newest line of LED battery-operated lights wholesale. These stunning products are available in numerous styles and colors. Your clients can throw a party to remember with these fabulous lights. They can set the mood and change it throughout the night. The impact of lighting is known for its positive effects. These new lights can change the mood throughout the night.

If you are looking for something new to show your customers, then you have found it. When your clients ask about how you can help them jazz up any event, show them our inventory of amazing LED cocktail table lights. These lights include pre-programmed colors, a remote control, and a brightness control. They are easily attachable and run for more than eight hours.

For more than 30 years our wholesale event décor company has partnered with our customers to produce events that are memorable, enjoyable, and unique. We promise you reliability, affordability, and outstanding products. Visit Fortune Products to ramp of the atmosphere of any kind of party, event, or celebration.