Electrosphere Plasma Ball

Model: ES-08

Product Description

Electrosphere Plasma Ball

The ElectroSphere features a giant 8” diameter ball and combined with the base is 11.5 inches in height. The ElectroSphere is compliant to FCC Part 18 regulations concerning household appliances.

The ElectroSphere contains a mixture of gases. Electromagnetic waves cause the gases to turn into plasma. The ions produced then become visible as colored lightning like streamers. Place your hand on its smooth glass surface and the lightning is drawn to your touch. It gathers harmlessly about your palm and fingers, creating beautiful swirling formations that follow your every move.  Set the switch to sound response and it actually reacts to music and speech with rhythmic pulsating patterns of light.

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12V AC

Single Item Weight:

2.5 lbs. each

Max Print Area:

2.75"h x 2"w


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