Fiber Optic Flare Petal Tree

Product Description

Fiber Optic Flare Petal Tree

This Fiber Optic Flare Petal Tree features a dual color option and can be set on both cool white or warm white glow! Its bonsai-inspired black wrapped shape is covered with 48 fiber optic flares, each featuring many pinpoints of light spreading about 3 inches in diameter with a light at the base of each flare, and shimmering white flower petals which add another dimension to the lighting effect.

You can bend the limbs on the Fiber Optic Flare Petal Tree to fit your imaginative design! The delicate pinpoints of light combined with shimmering flower petals produce a delicate and classy accent which will enhance any occasion. Height is about 18 inches with both height and width dependent on how the branches are arranged. Its sturdy base makes it well suited for table centerpiece use or room décor. Uses 3 X AA batteries (not included).

  • Dual Color
  • White or Warm White


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18”h w/ adjustable branches


BATT-AA x 3 (sold separately)

Master Case Qty/Weight:

6, 10.3 lbs

Single Item Weight

1 lb each


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