Remote Controlled Beacons

Product Description

Remote Controlled Beacons

These Remote Controlled Beacons are virtually the same as the standard PL-300 models, but can be turned on/off by remote control! Using RF (radio frequency), remote-use distance is up to 120 feet in a visually direct line.

Whether inside a vehicle, across a factory floor or down the road, the importance of RC control cannot be overstated.

Available in 5 different frequencies.

For permanent applications, there is a 4.5V jack located on the bottom for use with an adapter/transformer (sold separately).

  • Emergencies
  • Farm machinery
  • Industrial heavy machinery
  • Manufacturing
  • POP displays
  • Off-road use
  • Party decoration


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Blue Models:

PL-300BJ-RCS01, PL-300BJ-RCS02, PL-300BJ-RCS03, PL-300BJ-RCS04, PL-300BJ-RCS05

Red Models:

PL-300RJ-RCS01, PL-300RJ-RCS02, PL-300RJ-RCS03, PL-300RJ-RCS04, PL-300RJ-RCS05

Amber Models:

PL-300AJ-RCS01, PL-300AJ-RCS02, PL-300AJ-RCS03, PL-300AJ-RCS04, PL-300AJ-RCS05

Green Models:

Available by special order – minimum qty 180

Remote Model:

PL-300-Remote (included)

Remote Power:

BATT-23AGP x 1 (included)


5"diam x 5"h


4.5 V D/C


BATT-AA x 4 (sold separately)

Alternate Power:

ADAP-LLAS1000 (sold separately)

Outer Case Qty/Weight:

30, 37 lbs.

Single Item Weight:

1.15 lbs. each

Printable Area

SIDE: 2.25"w x 2"h TOP: 2.75"diam


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