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Spotlight 5 Color LED Light w/ Remote Control

Item Number: PS-3RGBWA-RC

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Great for illuminating mirror balls, special objects and areas. With powerful 3W LEDs, adjustable angle and 10 degree glass lens, the 5 color spotlight gives precision illumination where you need it. Using remote control, you can choose red, blue, green, amber or white without changing color lenses. Functions include flash, fade and auto change with speed adjustment. Spot diameter is determined by adjusting the distance between the spotlight and area or object to be illuminated. Spot is approximately 2” diameter at 1 ft. distance, increases approximately 3” for each foot after 1 ft. and is approximately 26” at 10 ft. With dual support brackets, you can choose between rack mount or free standing. Compact design, low heat and long LED life. 4V DC adapter is included.

Product Spec Sheet

Product Dimensions:

4" L x 4" W x 3.3" H


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